Scene Editor

Jacqueline Gorr

Palette review, photos and swatches

Kylie Jenner’s brand new eyeshadow palette called The Royal Peach Palette came out on January 12, 2016. This is her first eyeshadow palette of the year but is her fourth palette in her collection.

This collection includes 12 eyeshadow shades and, unlike her other three palettes, this one includes a mirror and brush. The type of brush that is included is a blending brush which is good for mixing colors together on the eye or blending colors into the crease. The eyeshadow colors are vert pigmented and are easy to apply. The palette is mixed with matte shades and sparkly shades.

For the matte shades you don’t need has much product on the brush to put on the lid, but with the sparkly shades you need more product on the brush in order to get that bold color on the eye. The colors in this palette are peachy tones with some cool tones such as royal blue, and lilac. Listed below will be a few descriptions of some of the colors in this palette.

Sorbet: Creamy orange with a matte finish. This shade is good for the crease and lasts awhile on the lid.


Peachy: Bold medium orange with a matte finish. This color is highly pigmented and completes that peachy look.


Queen Bee: Bright medium copper. This is one of the metallic shades that is easily blendable on  the eye and makes your eyes pop.


Crush: This color is a coral-red with a satin finish. It has a very soft texture to it which makes it easily blendable. There is always a coral color in any palette that has peachy tones.


This palette sold out in four minutes when it was released. The palette retails for 45 dollars and you can only get it on