The Candor

Benedictine University Student Dies

Michelle Reilly

News Editor

The Benedictine community is mourning the loss of a fellow student, John Pundsack. Pundsack was just 22 years old and a senior Pre-Med student at the university and was very passionate about his studies and looking forward to graduating in the spring. He was a Batavia resident, but passed away at Delnor Hospital in Geneva last Tuesday, November 29th, surrounded by his mother and stepfather. The cause of John’s death has not been publicized. Pundsack was an intelligent student who was great with computers and the biological sciences.

Dr. Jayashree Sarathy, a professor in the Biological Sciences department, has been trying to come to terms with this loss. “John was a deep thinker and love to learn about the human body. He was interested in learning about recent advances made in the fields of Physiology and pathophysiology. He did what we hope students would do – he tried to integrate what he learned in different classes”, Sarathy discusses Pundsack’s love of science. “For example, he was in Microbiology, cell biology and physiology at the same time and when he learned about infectious diseases in Physiology, he would extrapolate what he had just read about the pathogen microbiology and look into the signaling pathways for these disease. He was also very good with technology and would pull up interesting articles on his phone and email them to me. One of the videos that he sent me when we were discussing the nervous system in class was about an ABC news clip on a girl with half a brain. I will truly miss the smile, the curious mind and the wonderful, warm heart.”

He is survived by his loving mother, Marina Amoroso-Levato, stepfather, Frank Levato, grandparents, three step-brothers, a niece, two nephews, aunts, uncles and cousins.  If you wish to send your condolences, you can visit the funeral home’s obituary page at and leave an online post. The Campus Ministry is also collecting cards if you wish to send one to his family. You can bring the card to their office, Kindlon 419.