The Candor

8 Years of Change: Remembering Obama’s Presidency and What Remains in His Future

Omair Ali

Staff Writer

“Yes we can.” We heard this transformational slogan nearly 8 years ago, used by incumbent President Barack Obama to emphasize his strong desire to unite everyone as we faced a variety of issues. Over the past 2 terms, the Obama administration has witnessed and played a role in sweeping social and economic changes that have redefined America’s identity, such as supporting LGBT rights, establishing healthcare reform, and promoting environmental promotion.

Obama will also be remembered for maneuvering through a devastating economic recession that preceded today’s slowly-stabilizing financial condition as well as dealing with the unanticipated turmoil in the Middle East, Europe, and other regions of the world. It wasn’t perfect, but he achieved his goals and leaves America somewhat better than it was when he started.

As he now passes through his lame duck term, Obama is already being missed dearly by his broken followers, while others are in good spirits as they look forward to a new face in office. But one question remains to be answered: What will Obama do next?

Obama has not yet announced what he’s going to do after he leaves the Oval Office and it’s hard to predict what line of work lies in his future. It’s plausible that he plays a role in our government as an ambassador in a global climate that is soon to contort. Or that he serves as a political advisor for his party. Perhaps he will decide to kick back and watch his children grow up. But It’s hard for me to believe that a person as accomplished and likable as Obama will just walk into the sunset, leaving a divided nation behind.

The last few months haven’t been easy for many Americans. Scandals arose and old wounds on both ends were being ripped open as a result of the classless campaign schemes of arguably the two most-hated presidential candidates in American history, followed by an election outcome that defied the “laws” of poll speculation as well as the anticipations of millions, if not billions, of people around the world. Fast forward to the week after the election, and some are still shocked that the new president will be a billionaire, reality television star by the name of Donald J. Trump.

Not only do the ongoing political demonstrations indicate the dislike for the election but also poll data gathered by The Economist/YouGov, Gallup, and other media outlets suggest that the president-elect Trump has a historically low favorability rating, serving as a testament to our nation’s existing political divide. And yes, I believe there’s room for Obama to mediate the rashness of the public that could impede the new administration from working effectively. When Obama took the national stage in 2008, we saw a man that championed unity and equality among the American people. And If he stays true to his values and beliefs, then he can play a big part in stabilizing a seemingly bewildered nation without being our top dog.

I don’t think Obama is leaving the eyes of the public anytime soon. Unless, of course, Mr. 45’s flamboyant antics continue to land all the attention on himself.

Do you believe that President Obama did well representing the U.S in his 8 years in the White House?