Michelle Reilly

News Editor

Two female Benedictine students were charged with battery, trespassing and mob action after an incident occurred on campus on the night of October 30th. The university police responded to the scene after a call came in alerting them of a possible battery in Roman Hall. Upon arrival, they discovered two female residents had struck and injured a male who was a non-resident of the campus.

During their investigation, they found marks and blood on the victim, which were photographed for evidence. The police also discovered that there was some kind of dispute or miscommunication between the residents of the apartment and two female students that resulted in the females forcing their way into the apartment. Once the one resident of the apartment answered the door, she tried to shut it and the two women forced it open and went straight for the male.

“We were disturbed by this just by the brazenness of entering someone’s residence and actually having physical contact with a guest”, said Michael Salatino, Chief of Benedictine University Police.

Police stated that there was some kind of dispute they before the incident that started the whole thing. One of the residents of the apartment, Marissa Perez, stated the issue was with a roommate’s boyfriend, who was the victim that night.

Perez stated that the parties met earlier to try and work things out, but were unsuccessful; one of the females left and the roommates decided to call it a night. Later that night, there was a pounding at the door and when the one resident answered the door, the original female was back and brought her sister with; they forced their way into the apartment. The two females went straight into the resident’s bedroom, where the boyfriend was, and the sister started punching and hitting the male, and eventually the other female joined in.

Perez says she was sleeping, but woke up when she heard her roommate screaming for help. She immediately got up and ran over to the other bedroom to help break things up.

“I just saw blood on the bed, mirror, floor, walls and his face”, says Perez.

According to Perez, the attackers left the scene once she and her male friend got involved. However, one of the females threatened Perez’s roommate and said that she would be back for her next time, before she left. Once they were gone, the victim called Benedictine University Police immediately.

The investigation is currently ongoing and under review by the DuPage County State’s Attorney Office and at the university. As of right now the women are not allowed to attend classes and their further involvement at Benedictine is up for discussion right now. Their court date is to be announced, as the male victim is pressing criminal charges. If found guilty, the sisters could face time in jail.