Students Enjoy Halloween At Six Flags Fright Fest

Jessica Buettner

Staff Writer


Benedictine students enjoy rollercoasters and rides at Six Flags.

This past weekend, some students got the chance to celebrate Halloween a little early by taking a trip to Six Flags Great America. Every fall, Six Flags hosts an event called Fright Fest, which means that the park is open on the weekends during the months of September and October. The park turns into a playground where monsters roam free throughout the night and there are also haunted houses located in different sections of the park. Many students decided to take advantage of this event and came out to Gurnee for a fun-filled day at Great America.

Julianne Tieu, an executive board member of the Intercultural Club, explains how the main goals of the club are to introduce international and domestic students to connect and learn about each other’s culture.

“We believe Six Flags Fright Fest would be an amazing chance to interact as well as show Halloween in a fun way,” said Tieu. “Many international students from around the world have heard of it, but never experienced it.”

The day consisted of many of the students going on the roller coasters and other rides that the park had to offer. Some of the students also got the chance to look at the haunted houses that were scattered throughout the park as well. Matt Lawless, a member of the club, enjoyed himself as he and his friends decided to see what the haunted houses were actually like.


The Intercultural Club enjoys a day at Six Flags.

“The haunted houses varied by theme from one being passed on a massacre to another one being about surviving a zombie apocalypse,” described Lawless.

Even though there were a lot of people there, causing some of the popular rides to have a three hour wait, everyone seemed to enjoy their time at Six Flags.

“Personally, I had a great time getting to know more about some friends and going around the park,” stated Tieu.

Going to Six Flags is one of the many events that intercultural club hosts throughout the year to get students involved to learn more about different cultures.

“The club hosts an event called Chicago Day where several students went downtown and visited the skydeck, the loop and the lake front areas,” Lawless explained. “There’s also a potluck dinner where everyone bring in food from a different culture for other people to try and enjoy for themselves.”

Intercultural club tries their best to let other students be aware of the other cultures that are out there in order to share with them things about the world around them that they may not have known before. Be sure to be on the look out for the other events that the club hosts throughout the year to see how you can be involved.