The Bears Stink

Daniel Dalenberg

Staff Writer

Going into the fourth quarter on Sunday, the Chicago Bears led the Jacksonville Jaguars 13-0.  But in my heart I knew somehow, some way, the Bears would find a way to lose… because it’s the Bears.  Low and behold the Jaguars got right back in it with a Chris Ivory touchdown run.  Both teams traded field goals after that, making the score 16-10.  The Jaguars had the ball at their own 49 yard line with about three minutes left to go in the game.

Then, right on cue, Jaguars Quarterback Blake Bortles found Wide Receiver Arrelious Ben for a 51 yard touchdown that gave the Jaguars the lead 17-16.  With ample time left on the clock and only down one point, the Bears still had a pretty good chance to win, all they needed was a field goal.  With about a minute left, the Bears had 4th and 10 on the Jaguars’ 48 yard line.  Bears Quarterback Brian Hoyer threw an incomplete pass to Wide Receiver Alshon Jeffery that essentially ended the game.  But I wasn’t surprised… nor did I care.  I knew it was coming the whole game.

At this point, I want the Bears to lose.  This year’s team is going nowhere fast.  With the Packers and Vikings up next on the schedule, a 1-7 record seems imminent. I would rather have the Bears lose and end up with a high draft pick so we can select a QB (cough cough Deshaun Watson cough cough), rather than beating a team like the Jags.

On the bright side, I LOVE Jordan Howard.  According to ESPN fantasy analyst Matthew Berry, Howard has had either a touchdown or 90 total yards in all four games he has 10 or more touches.  Also, Bears Wide Receiver Cameron Meredith has looked pretty good while filling in for the injured Wide Receiver Kevin White.  Since earning a starting role against the Colts last week, Meredith has had 243 yards and a touchdown.

So the rest of the season, instead of rooting for the Bears to win, root for their young players to play well and improve because that is what it takes to build future success.  In conclusion… the Bears suck.