Avocado Recipes

Scene Editor

Jacqueline Gorr

There are many different recipes that you can make with Avocado. They are easy and good for a typical college student who is trying to eat healthy. First of all Avocados are very nutritious because they include multiple vitamins and potassium. They do not contain cholesterol or sodium. They contain fatty acids such as the healthy heart fatty acid. Not only are they very good for you, there are plenty of recipes you can incorporate avocados in. For breakfast there is a simple recipe that will be good for your morning routine. If you simply toast a piece of white toast and cut up avocado and put it on top of the toast it is an easy quick breakfast to make when you are walking out the door to go to work or class.picture1

Something that would be good for lunch would be an avocado salad. This salad will contain two avocados, tomato, cucumber, red onion and lime juice. This is healthy and easy to make. All it takes is a matter of cutting all of the ingredients.


As you can see you can add avocado to any recipe that you make. There are plenty of dinner options that are made with avocado or you can add it in. When you have a chicken or fish dish, you can always add avocado. There is a dish that is called grilled chicken with mango. Mango and chicken go well together and what makes it even better is when you add tomatoes and avocados. If you make a sandwich or a BLT, adding avocado gives it extra flavor. The last recipe that would be good for dinner is chicken tortilla soup with avocado. This includes chicken broth, rotisserie chicken, cilantro, jalapeno, cheese and avocado.


The final recipe is for dessert and that is avocado pudding. I got this recipe form Kourtney Kardashian. She says she makes it almost every day. This requires one avocado, one cup of milk, a teaspoon of vanilla and ¼ cup of sugar. This is a sweet and healthy treat for dessert that can be made with a blender in 5 minutes.  picture4