The Latest Buzz on Bees

picture1Marissa Perez

Editor in Chief

While Americans were distracted with Brangelina, the Kardashians, clown invasions and politics, seven different species of bees were put on the endangered list. Now you may be thinking, why is that so important? How does that effect our lives? Well let me tell you, bees have a much larger impact on our ecological system than we actually know.

Bees are the pollinators of the Earth and are the main reason we have our food resources. Food such as avocados, strawberries and even coffee. According to, “Seven species of Hawaiian yellow-faced bees were added to the endangered species list.”

According to the University of Hawaii’s Master Gardner Program, “the yellow-faced bee is the only been native to Hawaii… from that one original colonist they evolved into 63 known endemic species.”

But the populations of these seven species are rapidly declining. They are impacted by a wide variety of threats such as habitat destruction nonnative predators, nonnative plant species, and natural occurrences such as hurricanes and droughts.

Despite the alarming fact that these bee species have been placed on the endangered species list, many other researchers claim we are fine.

The Washington Post says that the bees that we are mostly familiar with are doing just fine, “In 2015, there were 2.66 million commercial honey-producing bee colonies in the U.S. That’s down slightly from the 2.74 million colonies in 2014.”

The bees may be doing just fine now, but the numbers are surely not as high as they once were back in the 1980’s.

Perhaps these declining numbers are just a warning of what is to come? We need to take better care of our planet and its ecosystems to ensure the lives of all of our animal species; they hold a much bigger role than you or I may think.