It’s a Home Run for OT/PT Club

Brandon Gipson poses with the Home Run Derby trophy after he claims the title.

Brandon Gipson poses with the Home Run Derby trophy after he claims the title.

Michelle Reilly

News Editor

The 1st annual Homerun Derby was hosted by the Occupational Therapy/Physical Therapy Club on Saturday, October 8th. The event started at 2 p.m. and cost $5 per person. With the admission fee, you were given 10 swings and a change to win gift cards to your favorite places such as Portillo’s, Dunkin Donuts, Jersey Mikes, Top Golf, Panda Express, and many more. There were around 25-30 students who came out to participate in the event, and a number of other students who came just to help shag balls and cheer on their friends.

The Homerun Derby was divided into three rounds. The first round consisted of each contestant getting ten swings. The six people with the most homeruns in the first round would advance to the second round. The second round then consisted of another ten swings and resulted in several ties. For a tiebreaker, the batters had to go to a sudden death round of five swings. After a couple sudden death rounds, there were two people tied for first and two tied for third, so they all moved onto the third round. The last round consisted of five swings each, and resulted in another tie. For this sudden death round, each contender had to go head to head with who they were tied with in a three swing face-off.

After a hard fought battle, a winner emerged. Brandon Gipson, a junior baseball player, went home with $40 in gift cards and a trophy. As for how his win felt, Gipson says, “It felt out there in a kinda radical, kind of tubular way”, referencing the film, Bull Durham.

Second place went to another Benedictine University junior baseball player, Marco D’Angelo, who walked away with $20 in prizes. And finally, third place went to yet another baseball player, senior, Andrew Hotze. Hotze earned $10 in gift card prizes.

The event was a fun event for everyone who participated. There was music playing throughout the day, and an announcer, senior vice president of the OT/PT Club, Chris Rafacz. These bits of entertainment kept everything upbeat and enjoyable.

The OT/PT Club was able to raise well over $100 for their fundraiser that is sure to help them out for the rest of their plans for the year. “We had perfect weather and got super lucky with that. Everyone had a blast, we had some crazy homers. Hopefully the club will do it again next year even after some of us board members graduate”, says senior and president of OT/PT club, Aliya Murray.

If you missed out on the Home Run Derby, make sure to keep an eye out for more events from the OT/PT Club throughout the year.