Everything That Has Happened Since Kim Kardashians Paris Attack

Jackie Gorr

Scene Editor

It’s hard to believe that it’s been one week since her robbery.

So much information has come out since Kim’s robbery that you have all been wondering about. One of the Kim’s jewelry pieces has been found which is a diamond cross necklace which retails for 33,000 dollars. It was found outside of the apartment complex. Kanye West also returned to the stage when he started his tour back up in Chicago. He had to postpone a few cities so he can be with his family. According to E! News, “Kim says she doing ok, but that the whole thing really freaked her out. She’s just relieved that Kanye and the kids are ok. She’s concerned about their safety.” Kanye plans on replacing her ring but she will plan differently on how she displays it. E! News said, “she will be getting 24/7 security when she travels.” She won’t be traveling anytime soon because she has cancelled her trip to Dubai where she was going to do a makeup master class. Even though 5.6 million dollars’ worth was stolen, her safety is the most important thing to her. According to E! News a source said “It was incredibly frightening and it’s going to take a while to get over it.”