Political Candidates of the 2016 Presidential Election

Kaitlynn Wolfgram

Web Editor

As the 2016 election approaches, the media continues to put Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump in the spotlight.  From fights on Twitter to scandals regarding tax returns, the last couple months have been a whirlwind of information.  Yet, the media is missing crucial information for the informed voter: the candidate’s stances on important issues.  The people of America know that there is a possibility that Donald Trump hasn’t paid taxes in years, but does America know how trump feels on women’s rights or student debt?

People say that millennials are the most important vote.  The next president will greatly affect the lives of the younger generation, yet it is this generation that doesn’t vote.  Voters need the knowledge of the issues and the stances of the candidates because this is the first step of being an informed voter.  Below are the stances of the political candidates running for office this year.

Hilary Clinton:

Immigration: Path to legalize illegal immigrants, increase penalties for hiring illegal immigrants, voted for a fence along the Mexican border

Healthcare: Expand Obamacare

Abortion: In favor of women’s rights and supports Roe v. Wade

Minimum Wage: Increase the minimum wage $12 nationwide

Gun rights:  Believes in background checks for large number of gun sales, stricter weapon bans, and increase legislation for gun safety

Legalization of Marijuana:  Medical marijuana in extreme cases, make marijuana be a less restricted drug, do not legalize marijuana

Death Penalty: Believes in the death penalty

Position on Isis:  Training Syrian rebels and has strong involvement in the fight against ISIS. Supports a no-fly zone

Donald Trump:

Immigration:  Build a wall and make Mexico pay for it, increase officers, deport illegal immigrants

Healthcare:  Get rid of Obamacare

Abortion:  In favor of outlawing abortion except in situations of rape, incest, or risking the life of the mother

Minimum Wage: No clear stance

Gun rights:  Believes in the second Amendment rights, opposes new gun control laws

Legalization of Marijuana:  No clear stance; marijuana for medical use is okay, has claimed that all drugs should be legal

Death Penalty:  Believes in the death penalty and believes in the death penalty for people who kill cops

Position on ISIS:  Get rid of ISIS by bombing oil extractions and refineries and no troops there

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Remember to register to vote and be an informed voter in this coming 2017 presidential election.