Homecoming Kicks Off With Karaoke Party

Jessica Buettner

Staff Writer

Homecoming is steadily approaching for students at Benedictine University. The programing board thought it was a good idea to start celebrating homecoming early by hosting another karaoke party at Coal Ben on Friday night.

Karaoke seemed to be such a fun event last time, so it was brought back this again. This particular event really does seem to bring a lot of people together as they are invited to sing some fun songs by themselves or with some of their friends.

Aubree O’Connor, a junior, got the chance to go to this karaoke event as she had missed the previous one that was hosted. “I always have a fun time with my friends and I always enjoy singing so I decided to go to karaoke on Friday night,” commented O’Connor about the event.

Noemi Hernandez, a senior, thought that it would be a fun event to attend with her friends so she decided to give karaoke night a chance. “My friends and I are music majors so going out to sing some popular songs is a fun thing to do to relieve some stress and just to have fun on a Friday night,” said Hernandez.

Song choices ranged from old classics such as “Summer of ’69” and “Carry On, My Wayward Son” to modern songs that mostly everyone knows like “Because of You” and “Rather Be.” There were many moments that happened at karaoke night that some of the students really seemed to enjoy.

“My favorite part was when someone sang a ‘Disturbed’ song and how a few students started a dancing line for that song,” said O’Connor. “There was also another point where students began to dance when the singer sang ‘Rather Be,’ which was the final song of the night.”

“In terms of my favorite part, I liked it when everyone was starting to sing ‘Let It Go’ towards the end,” stated Hernandez.

The songs that people were singing really did vary, but all that mattered was that people were having a really fun time, which they were. Don’t be too upset though if you did miss this past Friday night’s karaoke event because there are sure to be more events like this throughout homecoming week. Be on the lookout for flyers that are going around school that will describe some of the events that are coming up throughout the week of October 10th.