The Candor Needs Writers

Michelle Reilly

News Editor

The Candor is in need of writers this year since many of our staff members graduated last spring. For those that don’t know, we have went completely digital this year, meaning the print newspapers are gone. Instead, we will be doing everything on our website, On the site, there are four sections: news, scene, perspective and sports. Our news writers cover events on and off campus but that are affiliated with Benedictine, sports writers cover Benedictine University athletics, the scene is typically our section devoted to outside of Benedictine. Typically our writers cover the entertainment industry, new fashion trends, recipes and anything else that is newsworthy outside of our school. As for perspectives, that’s typically an opinion based section and usually deals with interesting topics going on in the world that you can put your own spin on.

Also, a new addition this year that we are very excited about is social media. We are launching Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts for The Candor and will be posting as often as possible to keep students up to date throughout the day. If you are good with social media, we are looking for help in this department as it is the first year we are doing this and will need help managing all the different apps.

If you aren’t interested in writing, there is also an opportunity to be a photographer. All of our photographers graduated so we need all the help we can get. If you are interested in writing for one of the sections, helping with social media or taking pictures, please email the for more information on becoming a member of our team.