Students Enjoyed Free Mini Golf

Michelle Reilly

News Editor

Students were treated to free mini golf on Saturday evening at Lost Mountain Adventure Golf Outing on 75th Street in Woodridge. By showing your Benedictine University student ID, you got to play for free from 6-10:30 p.m. Upon arrival, students were asked to sign in with their ID number and name. Then, they were able to pick what ball they wanted from an assortment of different colors and whatever size golf club needed. Students were also given the option of getting a score book or just playing for fun.

Those who chose to keep score were typically heard arguing over who was in the lead throughout the holes. While it was just a mini golf game to some students, for others it brought out their competitive side.

Take senior, Aliya Murray, for example.  “It was a fun thing to do verses staying in the apartment on a Saturday afternoon, and it was even better because I beat all my friends.”

There are 18 holes of course, with the first few being the easiest, and then gradually getting more and more difficult. Around the ninth hole is where you start to see balls flying into the water and in the grass because of the barriers being hit too hard.

As you can imagine, several students came to take advantage of this great deal. “It was something fun to do on a weekend, especially for a broke college student,” junior, Brandon Gipson says. Gipson’s definitely correct that this event was great for a student’s budget. I mean what college kid can say no to something that is free?

If you missed mini golfing, be sure to keep an eye out for the next free off-campus event in the next couple weeks.