Chris Brown Arrested in Suspicion of Assault

Jacqueline Gorr

Scene Editor

When will it be over for Chris Brown?

Chris Brown was arrested because of suspicion of assault on August, 30 Tuesday evening at his home in Tarzana California. According to the Los Angeles Police Department spokesman, a woman was calling for help at Browns residence around 3 a.m. What she claimed is that the singer held a gun up to her head during a party at his house Monday night. Multiple hours before Browns arrest, the LAPD was parked outside his home and had multiple helicopters soaring over the property. Brown was starting to post videos to Instagram explaining that the police were waiting outside his home for hours and that they are harassing him. In his most recent video he is claiming that the woman is making up allegations about him and said, “man I’m innocent.” TMZ reported that brown threw a duffel bag out of the window and there was at least one gun and drugs in the bag. “There’s no truth to it, and we’re going to let it play out” said his attorney Mark Geragos. Brown was later released from jail on a 250,000 bail. Geragos claims the allegations against him are false. Geragos held a press conference in L.A to explain the facts that were said were not accurate. With the rumor that the singer had a gun and drugs, the LAPD did not find any of that in his home or anywhere outside. “The story that was conveyed to me by witnesses shows that nothing happened, that this woman got irate because she was acting in an erratic matter when told to leave.” Currently there is nothing that shows that Brown committed the crime.