It used to be right here? Campus renovations move things around

The recreation area in now in the lower level of Krasa.

The recreation area in now in the lower level of Krasa.

By: Marissa Perez, Editor-in-Chief

Another school year is upon us that has come with some big changes here on campus. Many offices and resources have moved to new locations. Here is a list to find where students and faculty can find all the new offices.

The basement of the Krasa Center had some major rearranging. The purpose for this is so that the building could become the official student interactive lounge. The basement is now the new BenUnion, a place for students and faculty to unwind and play some games. The University has also decided to add some new additions to the space, such as a Mario Kart station.

The Academic and Career Enrichment (ACE) services, previously known as the Student Success and Career Development offices, have been moved to the second floor of Goodwin to allow room for student group offices. There will also be a new engaged learning classroom located in the lower level of Krasa.

There are no longer any computers in the basement of Krasa for students to use. Computer use will now be located in the first floor of the building. Changes that have been made to the first floor of Krasa include: a Counseling Center in room 112 and a new location for Residence Life in room 175.

Those were just the changes made in Krasa. Here are some of the changes that were made to Goodwin Hall. Second floor: newly located offices for ACE services, Ben XL Center for Experiential Learning, and traditional/non-traditional academic advising for business and marketing students.

There have been a few minor changes to Kindlon Hall. One of the first being the new water fountains that have been installed in the building. They feature a bottle filling station with a no-touch sensor activation.

The IT help desk, a place students can go to with questions and issues about Wi-Fi and electronic devices, is no longer located in the third floor library. It has been relocated to room 228 on the second floor of Kindlon.

The Interfaith prayer room, previously located on the fourth floor of Kindlon, is now located in the lower level of Kindlon in rooms 136/137. The previous location for the Interfaith room has been transformed into the Campus Ministry Community room. There will also be a Muslim Faith Advisor on the fourth floor of Kindlon.

Lownik, the office for admissions and financial aid, has also had some changes. Registrar, previously located in the lower level of Krasa, can now be found in the main level of Lownik in room 125.

The lower level of Lownik had some major changes. All the previous marketing staff has been moved to the Naperville campus. The lower level is where students can find: the business & finance departments, processing, transcript evaluators, management and planning departments, and growth department.

“I think it’s better that BenUnion is located downstairs. It’ll gives students a bigger space rather than that area we had upstairs. I think that the Mario Kart that they are adding will be pretty cool, too. I think this move was a pretty good idea,” said senior Dionna Mantucca.

With a new school year came new changes. Not only will these changes help the school, they will also hopefully better the students and student life here at BU.