Special Announcement from The Candor Staff

By Marissa Perez, News Editor

With mixed emotions, The Candor staff has decided to discontinue its print edition. Starting this semester, The Candor will go completely digital, including social media aspects such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Statistics have shown that most of the students, faculty and staff use the online version of the newspaper over print. Not only will this be efficient from an environmental stand point but it will also be an economically wise decision, too.

The Candor has been printing since the early 1980’s, before the internet had boomed and social media had impacted most of our daily lives. Most people in today use social media as their primary source for news; it’s fast, normally brief, and is easy to share. This is something that printed press lacks.

The goal of this movement is to provide readers more up-to-date coverage of news happening on and around campus, as well as around the world. Instead of a weekly update, The Candor staffs plans on submitting articles shortly after an event occurs.

Our social media pages will include constant updated statuses with links to our latest articles. We also hope to include stats of games as they occurring. It will be a change that we hope can benefit readers and help us track what topics they most enjoy reading.

If anyone is interested in being a part of our team or would like more details about us, please email