Ways Weather Influences Health

By: Elana Garay, Sports Editor

Weather has an interesting of influencing health. Different weather such as rain or drastic change in temperature can cause different health issues. Logically, very hot weather could cause health risks, “High temperatures increase your risk of heat-related health risks. Both dehydration and heatstroke can have an influence on your behavior and have the potential to cause brain damage if it’s bad enough, Brent Solvason, a Stanford University clinical associate professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences,” states the Huffington Post website. “People who live in areas with intense weather events, like hurricanes or tornadoes, are at a greater risk for mental distress. While the storm is stressful as its happening, the aftermath of the event can also have a lasting psychological impact”. Rain is usually known to make a person feel more tired, but also rain can increase allergies. “Spring brings on the sniffles for so many people, but if you get seasonal allergies this time of year, you know they are most aggravated when the weather is wet. Rain is known to wash pollen away, but storms first burst the pollen particles and spread the allergens further before cleansing the environment,” the site adds. Weather can affect our health without it being that noticeable because we could be so used to different types of weather changes. “Changing seasons and hot weather can exacerbate asthma and allergy symptoms, with the growing season and air pollution paying a serious role… As the days get longer, the additional exposure to bright light often triggers migraines. Pollen can also trigger headache for people with allergies… Hot, humid weather can make breathing difficult, particularly for people with preexisting lung conditions. Air pollution, which is worse when it’s hot, also plays a role,” states the Huffington Post website. These are all some of the ways weather influences health.