Warm Weather Effects on Health

Warm Weather Effects on Health

By: Elana Garay, Sports Editor

Spring weather has finally arrived which means more sunlight! Warm weather has been proven to have some benefits. “Taking a trip to someplace warm in the middle of winter or lingering outside when spring arrives can be especially beneficial, with pleasant weather improving mood, memory and broadening cognitive style (openness to new information and creative thoughts) as time spent outside increased, researchers found. Hotter weather during the summer, however, lowered mood levels and the effect of pleasant weather was far less noticeable in other seasons”, states an article from Science Daily website. The warmth is often soothing after a long cold season. Other benefits are, “ ‘Exercise can strengthen the heart, lower blood pressure and blood pressure reactions to stress,’ ” says Dr. Robert Matchock, associate professor of psychology at Penn State University’s Altoona Campus. ‘Exercise can also increase the production of serotonin and endorphins which are associated with mood, and enhance cognitive abilities, such as memory’”, stated from Accuweather website. Overall, warm weather may be better than most people would initially presume.