Can Joint Pain Predict the Weather?

Can Joint Pain Predict the Weather?

By: Elana Garay, Sports Editor

One of the many sayings is that when the joints ache that then a storm is coming. “One leading theory points to changes in air pressure. Although many people say that their pain worsens with damp, rainy weather, research has shown that it’s not the cold, wind, rain, or snow”, states from WebMD. The joints may also be sensitive to the pressure in climate change which then could possibly predict that a storm is coming. Further explanation, “The suspect most often singled out by arthritis sufferers and researchers is a drop in barometric pressure, which is the pressure exerted by the air around us. A drop in barometric pressure often precedes a storm, and the theory goes that a decrease in the air pressure can cause the tissues around the joints to swell, causing arthritic pain”, states the medical website. An example is used, “Proponents of the idea use a balloon in a barometric chamber as a simulator. If the pressure outside drops, the air in the balloon expands. If the same happened in the area around an arthritic joint, the expansion or swelling could irritate the nerves, causing pain” continues from medicine net website. Maybe joint pain could predict the weather or maybe it doesn’t.