Sophie’s Last Semester

A farewell to our four-legged friend


by Marissa Perez

She can be seen all throughout campus. People here on campus know her and her playful ways. She is known to bring you her favorite tennis ball. She is always wagging her tail and bringing smiles to passing faces.
Benedictine University is sad to announce that Sophie, the campus police dog, will be retiring with her partner, Officer John Rogacki.

“[Retirement] is a better stage of my life, but also bitter-sweet. I think I’ll enjoy it but I’ll miss it here, I know she’ll miss it here. I think a lot of the kids will miss her too” comments officer Rogacki.
To any visitor, she may be a campus police dog, but to the Benedictine community, she is much more than this.

Most of the Benedictine community would agree that Sophie is a friendly face that is always happy to be here. Her happy demeanor and passion for people brought a greater sense of home and joy to the Lisle campus.

“We started here in 2010, when she was nine weeks old. She’s been here for six years but unfortunately I have been and I’m older. I have been in law enforcement for 34 year,” said Rogacki. “We are moving to North Carolina, probably in August or September. We will be living in the Founder’s Woods Apartments over the summer, if anyone would like to come visit her.”

Officer Rogacki shared many stories about how Sophie has touched the hearts of faculty and staff here on campus. One story in particular that stood out to him occurred this past school year.
A mother called Rogacki this semester thanking me and the Benedictine Police Department for letting her daughter play with Sophie. Playing with Sophie had really eased the mind of this student who was struggling with depression.

“Sophie knows what dorm she lives in and will run up to her door and start scratching at it,” said Rogacki.
Although Sophie is known for her PR work, she will also be remembered for her contributions to law enforcement. She helped out with the narcotics control here on campus making about 15 arrests a semester.

“She made a lot of arrests. In the last couple of years I’ve seen a big drop of narcotics on campus. So besides public relations, she has served a really good purpose here… I would like to come back, if the administration wants it, for a week or two per semester. I hope we can work something out,” stated Rogacki.

To Officer Rogacki, we thank you for your 34 years of devotion to law enforcement and we wish you and your family the best in North Carolina. We hope you enjoy your retirement and you will be greatly missed!

And to Sophie, our four-legged friend, we will miss you! We hope that you enjoy your new home and hope that you can come back to visit us soon to play fetch and bring a smile to our faces! You and your partner will certainly never be forgotten.