Sanders Says Mental Health Care is a Must

by Victor Johnson

Recently there have been many political discussions to determine what should be considered a probable cause to receive health care in the United States. Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, took the opportunity to voice his opinion on the situation at the Democratic presidential town hall event held in Des Moines, Iowa this past Monday.

When asked to share his stance on make it easier to gain access to mental health care clinics for the mentally unstable by Senior Application Analyst Carrie Crawford, Senator Sanders stated, “Mental health should be treated as a part of health care, and should be available to all people”.

For years mental health issues and physical health issues have not been viewed as equals. Insurance companies tend to place restrictions on how long patients can be admitted to the hospital and receive therapy sessions under their insurance.

“Congress over the years has tried to rectify this problem by establishing mental health “parity”, and when those efforts succeeded, they usually had bipartisan support”, according Senior National Correspondent, Jonathan Cohn, from The Huffington Post.

Senator Sanders, along with current Secretary of State and Democratic opponent in the 2016 election Hillary Clinton, are both hopeful that the recent mass shootings which have plagued the United States will shine light on the need for easier access to mental health care clinics for citizens.

Getting guns out of the hands of people who carry them illegally, or those who don’t have the mental stability to be in possession of a firearm is something Senator Sanders feels very strongly about. The Vermont senator believes that this along with making mental health coverage available to all citizens are both major contributing factors in stopping suicides and homicides in the United States.

The intentions Senator Sanders has for mental health care patients would indeed make a difference in the lives of many who suffer from mental health disorders and are unable to receive help due to financial hardships.

Senator Sanders has not quite elaborated on what direction he will take in regards to making mental health available to everyone, perhaps the presidential hopeful will touch more on the subject in this year’s upcoming Presidential Debates.