Puttin’ on the Ritz


by Taylor Devich

Spring Ball went off without a hitch this year. The annual spring formal is held by Programming Board and this year was one for the books. Benedictine’s soirée took place at the Ritz Carlton in downtown Chicago.

Instead of horse-drawn carriages, students arrived at the ball via coach busses; a well-received upgrade from the standard yellow busses of the past. The ladies looked elegant in their evening dresses, some pulling off classy floor length gowns, and the fellows appeared dapper in their sharp suit coats and tuxedos.

“This year we got coach buses to take us to the Ritz-Carlton,” said senior Marvin Blanco, member of programming board. “The dance was a good time all around and we all really enjoyed ourselves.”

Students were escorted to the twelfth floor of the Ritz and entered a beautiful ballroom topped with glass chandeliers and hydrangea centerpieces.

Everyone received a three course meal of a tasty caesar salad, delectable chicken or pasta entrée, and a raspberry topped crème brûlée.

After dinner, the DJ played some of his best tracks and the guys and gals took the floor. Everyone danced to their favorite Backstreet Boys throwbacks and belted out Baby Got Back at the top of their lungs.

Freshman Matthew Lawless said “I had an amazing night dancing and having fun with my friends.”

The show did not stop there. As if the night could not get any better, students were then offered cheesy deep dish pizza and mini root beer floats. Everyone will agree that the night was spectacular.

“Programming board worked hard this year to have an amazing spring ball. To venue searching, fundraising, and to get the coach busses,” said Blanco. “We raised over $1,200 in fundraising. We have heard a lot of positive feedback from the students as well!”

Programming Board really made sure everything went off without a hitch. The Ritz Carlton was the perfect location and nothing says classy like deep dish and root beer floats.