Food Truck Frenzy Kicks Off Spring Fest Week

by Jessica Buettner

Spring Ball is an event that most people are looking forward to because it’s a time to dance the night away and have fun with friends. Before any of that excitement happens though, the Programming Board decides to dedicate an entire week to get the students excited about the end of another successful school year.

This past Monday, April 11th, the Programming Board had a food truck frenzy take place in the Krasa parking lot. Kylie Hicks, a member of the Programming Board, really wanted the students to get the joy out of tasting food truck food.

“It was a huge success in the fall and many students wanted it brought back so we figured it would be the perfect time to do so,” commented Hicks about the event.

Many students were excited about the event and they were anxious to get a taste of the food that was being served from the food trucks that came to the event.

“I’ve always been a fan of food trucks because they present new foods that you don’t usually see,” said junior Hannah Jasso while waiting in line for the event to get started. Once the event kicked off, people were asked to show their BU IDs and pick two out of the four food trucks that were available.

The four food trucks that were outside were The Slide Ride, a burger joint that served a variety of sliders; Toasty Cheese, a sandwich eatery known for its grilled cheese sandwiches; Loop Juice, a fresh juice bar compacted into a truck; and Fasano Pie company, a truck that served mini pies to the students.

“The slider was savory and a little spicy, just the way I like it. In terms of the smoothie, it was very good, especially the greens it had in it. It had enough sweetness to enjoy the healthy benefit,” commented Jasso. This event really brought a lot of people together as they all got the chance to sit down and have a sampling of the food that was being offered. an very smoothly because there was a great turnout of students. “We served every portion for every truck we brought onto campus so it was a huge success,” said Hicks.

The programming board hopes to bring back this event for students who liked this event and for those students who didn’t have the chance to come.

“I would love to attend this event again,” said Jasso. “I can’t say no to food trucks that offer free food to the students!”

“Based on the popularity from the students, I believe we will indeed host this event again, either for homecoming or for spring fest or for both,” stated Hicks

Food Truck Frenzy was a great way to kick of spring fest week here at Benedictine.