by Raneen Zubi

We live in a world where everyone comes in different shapes and sizes. You think people would be used to that by now, but no, apparently some people still feel the need to criticize others for being a certain weight or how they identify themselves or for any other reason. I’m mostly talking about a video released in February where a YouTuber, Nicole Arbour, uploaded “Dear Fat People 2: The second Helping,” a six-minute rant about “fat people”.

If you have no idea what I am taking about, fat shaming involves criticizing and harassing overweight people about their weight or eating, in order to make them feel ashamed of themselves. Apparently, some people believe that making overweight people feel ashamed of themselves will motivate them to change their behavior so they start eating less, exercising more and finally start to lose weight. Others are just horrible human beings, plain and simple. Horrible people often feel comfortable saying things over the internet that they would not say in real life.

If you are someone just like me who believes in letting people do whatever they want and be whoever they want as long as they are not harming others, then you will find fat shaming and this video repulsive. I honestly don’t understand how people think that if someone is overweight then it is their fault. Everyone is so quick to judge and just assume that the person who is overweight is lazy and just stuffs their face all day with junk food.

Newsflash, not all “fat people” eat unhealthy and not all of them just lay on their couch all day! A lot of them are actually healthy individuals who eat, breath, and sleep just like every skinny person. There is always a huge amount of people who, no matter what size they are, choose to eat unhealthy and not get any exercise.
Sadly, this isn’t Arbour’s first video. She uploaded her first “Dear Fat People” video in September of 2015. It was viewed millions of times and she angered many people. Her channel was even taken down by YouTube because of all the negative backlash she received. Unfortunately, YouTube allowed her back on and a few months later she created a second part.

Arbour tried to use science in her videos but she hides it under a pile of terrible and horrendous “comedy”. In the second video she attacks Sports Illustrated magazine on using a plus size model on their cover. She never actually says a name, but we can all presume that she is talking about Ashley Graham “Is she pretty? Totally,” Arbour said. “But Sports Illustrated swimsuit models are the mecca of physical perfection when it comes to modeling.”

She spent the remainder of the video elaborating it’s not the model she has a problem with, but that she believes Sports Illustrated chose different-sized models to cause controversy and that the model chooses to maintain her weight so she could book “plus-size” modeling jobs. I find this totally ironic since she admitted to making the first fat shaming video just as a way to boast her ratings and a big marketing scheme.

In the end of the day body shaming of any size is wrong and terrible and should be shut down immediately. You can never win with people. They either find you too fat or too skinny and that you should feel terrible about yourself. People have even been body shaming celebrities by calling them “too skinny” and “sickly”. These videos are disrespectful and disgusting form of bullying. I really hope that everyone in the world is smart enough to realize that they are perfect the way they are and they shouldn’t be afraid to be whoever they want to be. We have to all stand by each other and help stop all the bullies of the world.