Jasy Jones
Is Skipping Class Okay?
It’s okay to skip a class during the semester. Sometimes you need a mental health break from a certain professor, subject, or peer. Sometimes you need the extra time to finish some work for another class. It’s all good…until there’s only one month left of classes and you realize that that “one time” you skipped had magically turned into a much larger number.
The last exams before finals are coming up and all the information that you needed isn’t there because you missed out on that class day. That research paper that’s due date changed during a class meeting that you were not a part of is due tomorrow.
Then there are finals.
One month to do all the papers, tests, projects, homework assignments and still find time to study for finals. You’re doomed. That’s what you’re thinking. You’re never going to skip a class again. You’ll do better next semester. Then you laugh to yourselves because you said the same thing Las semester and look where you are now.
20 school days left before finals. Time to get your life together. Good luck.