The Men Receive a Loss

Men’s Volleyball beat out by Lakeland College
by Elana Garay

Men’s volleyball lost to Lakeland College when faced against them this past Saturday afternoon. They lost by 1-3 sets and have moved from 3rd to 5th. Due to the loss, men’s volleyball are out of the playoffs.
“This was a win or home final match and ultimately Lakeland fought harder and executed at a higher level than us. I was proud of our team’s effort and this will be a great motivator for us moving into next year’s season”, said head coach Daniel Buehring.
Benedictine scored the first three points in the first set which put them in the lead at first. Lakeland responded with seven consecutive points which put Benedictine behind. Benedictine was unable to gain a lead again. The first set ended with the score of 25-18.
Benedictine started off again making the first point. Benedictine advanced themselves into the lead until they tied with their opponent at 10 points. From there, Lakeland had the advantage. The second set ended with 25-18. Lakeland began ahead with three points at the beginning of the third set. Both teams tied at five and seven points. Benedictine took the lead and gained a victory.
“This weekend was a phenomenal weekend for Benedictine volleyball, we were able to take Marion in 5 sets, and we lost to Lakeland but we learned a ton from that match, even though we lost, playing in a harsh environment, against a team with such great energy taught us a lot about what it means to make it to a end of season, high pressure situation,” said senior Jon Mueller.
The third set ended with 25-22. Both teams contained multiple ties in the beginning of the last set. Benedictine gained a short lead and was surpassed by Lakeland. The end score was 25-19.
“There is a lot to be said about going this far in our second year as a program, the lessons we learned today on the court we will take with us next year, and I assure you, Benedictine Men’s Volleyball will be waiting and ready for next year’s season. We appreciate the support from our fans and colleagues and it means the world,” continues Mueller.
The loss has resulted in the conclusion for the men’s volleyball season. The record for this men’s volleyball season is 16-9 and the conference record is 9-4. Only four other teams have made it to the Midwest Collegiate Volleyball League Tournament (MCVLT).