The 3rd annual IHeartRadio Music Awards

by Jacqueline Gorr



The IHeartRadio Music Awards aired on TBS on Sunday April 3, 2016. The night was about celebrating celebrity’s success in the music industry and it gave the fans a chance to show their appreciation for their favorite artists.  The IHeartRadio awards are for the artists on the radio getting recognized. There were multiple winners of the night including Taylor Swift, U2 and Justin Bieber. The award show had a budget that they couldn’t exceed.

It was a big night for Taylor Swift. She won “Best Tour”, “Female Artist of the year” and “Album of the Year.” Justin Timberlake returned to the stage to give Taylor this award after winning the “Innovator Award” in 2015. Timberlake is friends with Taylor and was one of the 48 celebrity’s that appeared on her 1989 World Tour. “Yes, Taylor has won 250 awards to date and broken five Guinness World Records,” said Timberlake. “She also won “Female Artist of the Year” which she has won for the past three years. She was in this category with artists such as Selena Gomez and Adele. With her new Album “1989,” she won the final award of the night “Album of the year.”  After winning all of her awards for the night, she said that this would be her last award show in a while.

U2 was the recipient of the “Innovator Award”. The current holder of the award was Justin Timberlake and he passed it down to two men who are still in their high school band. They received the award from Pharrell Williams who won the “Innovator Award” in 2014. Bono and Edge paid tribute to those in other countries who are getting killed by expressing themselves through music. Even though they looked bored during the award ceremony, they were thankful for this award. Bono asked Edge what the future looks like and he said rock and roll.

Justin Bieber was the first performance of the night performing his song “Company.” He won awards such as “Best Dance Song” and “Male Artist of the Year.” Justin was up against artists such as Sam Smith, Ed Sheeran and The Weeknd.  When he accepted his award, he thanked his fans and God for being there for him through the rough times and helping him through it. Diplo and Skrillex were on the record “Where Are You Now” which won “Best Dance Song.” Diplo thanked Justin for collaborating with him on this record.

Nominee and performer, Jason Derulo was the host for the night. He gave IHeartRadio a good deal by staying within their budget.  IHeartRadio was without a host until a week before the show so Derulo explained that they asked him if he can help them in a bind. Derulo was ok with the budgets being cut with him explaining “I’m here for the team,” said Derulo. Overall it was a full night of music appreciation.