Shows CW will be Renewing

by Tananisha Wooley



Anyone who knows me knows that the CW is my favorite network. I am a sucker for the teen drama and not to mention all the sexy men candy. The CW is well-known for its wide-ranged of shows and for having the hottest guys out of the major networks. In fact, some shows have been known to kick a person off a show if they are considered as good-looking as their co-stars. I am fan of 90 percent of their shows and when the annually list comes out for list of renewed and canceled it is a nerve wrecking day. That being said here are the shows that will be returning in the fall.

            Supernatural- Fans love the Winchester brothers and their antics. The CW has been trying to canceled this show since 2008 and fans were furious (myself included, hello Dean!!)So they came together and wrote letters to the network and had petitions that thousands of people signed (me included). Lo and behold the show has not been canceled and it will be entering its 12th season.

            The 100-This show was on the chopping block but it has been officially renewed for a 2nd season. Not my thing but hey to the fans out there.

            America’s Next Top Model- Officially canceled and it’s about time. It was starting to get dumb and wants to watch ANTM when Mr. and Mrs. J were gone!!! Happier news for loyal fans it was revived over at VH1! but with a new host.

            The Vampire Diaries- Was this even a question? This will be coming back for its 8th season.

            The Originals- Rejoice fans of the edgier vampire show it will be coming back for season 4. It was looking a little dicey there for a moment.

            Jane the Virgin- Considering how the show won an Emmy it’s no surprise that it will be coming back for season 3.

            Arrow/The Flash/D.C. Legends of Tomorrow- All three shows will be coming back for seasons 5, 3, 2 respectively. The hero genre is very popular and all three shows have strong ratings.

            Beauty and the Beast- This show will air its fourth and final season during the summer. I watch season one and I like it. I wasn’t that big as fan since I didn’t watch seasons 2 and 3.

            Crazy Ex-Girlfriend- It seem like this show could be canceled but The CW is allowing a second season to happened. The show is a hit with critics but the ratings are just not there.

            The Messengers- This will be coming back. It was given the official ax. Considering how I don’t know the premise of this show it must not have been good. There are shows I don’t watch but at least I heard of them!

            IZombie- Was renewed for a 3rd season. Looks like a good show maybe now I should start watching it. I will have two seasons to get caught up on.

Reign- The ratings for this show are not good. I am very surprise The CW will keeping the show around. Reign will be coming back for its 4th season. If the ratings do not get better it may be its last season.

Significant Mother- Nothing has been heard about the fate of this show but it does not look good for the quirky comedy.