Prevent Allergies

How to get through allergy season in one piece

by Elana Garay



Spring time has come which means allergies! With the increase in pollen it becomes more prone to allergies. It’s always nice when the flowers start to bloom and everything becomes full of life and color.

However, those of use who suffer from allergies also suffer from pollen. If you have a problem every year with outdoor allergens, you are not alone and there are ways to help easy the pain.

You also may be allergic to certain types of food and drinks. This could host a problem for a number of breakouts and could even land you in the hospital. Some simple ways to prevent them would be to always check the food label.

Another simple way to prevent allergies is to keep clean, “Simple measures of cleanliness can remove most allergens from the environment of a person with food allergy. For example, simply washing your hands with soap and water will remove peanut allergens, and most household cleaners will remove allergens from surfaces”, states National Institute of Health (NIH) website.

Other way would be to take a shower at night or once you have entered back into home to rinse all the pollen out.

Also. keeping the  “Control exposure to outdoor allergens. Limit the time you spend outside during allergy season. This may be the best approach to controlling your symptoms. If you have a seasonal allergy: During the peak of the pollen or mold season, consider taking your vacation in a place that has fewer of these substances. Exercise regularly. Exercise produces adrenaline, a natural way to relieve a stuffy nose. But exercising outdoors may also expose you to more pollen or mold spores”, stated from the website of WebMd.

The important thing to do is to talk with your doctor of ways to handle your allergies.