BenU Karaoke Night

by Michelle Reilly



Students on campus can always expect a good time whenever there is a karaoke night and this night was no exception. On Thursday, March 31 there was another karaoke night held at Coal Ben from 8 p.m. to 11 p.m. As goes for karaoke, students who wanted to participate, chose a song and sang either alone, with a partner or group of people while the words were on screen.

The choices in songs ranged from Garth Brooks’ “I’ve Got Friends in Low Places” to Usher’s “Burn.” There was no shortage in getting students to go up to the mic, with some even going multiple times. With all the performances throughout the night, there were some that stood out more than others and one that was a favorite amongst most students.

“My favorite performance was definitely Raven’s magical rendition of Pony,” said senior, Melissa Guzior.

The song, “Pony”, for those unaware, is the song Channing Tatum dances to in both Magic Mike and its sequel, Magic Mike XXL. This performance was certainly memorable after Raven Willis showed off her own dance moves that got the crowd going.

Even if you didn’t actually do karaoke, just watching was enough entertainment. People broke out dancing to some songs, while others sang along to the songs they knew. At one point, nearly everyone at Coal Ben was singing the words to Carrie Underwood’s, “Before He Cheats.”

“I thought it was a pretty fun night. Light atmosphere full of a lot of laughter. It definitely packed the house too! I’ll be sure to come out again for the next one,” says junior, Jacob Trumpis.

The night was certainly an unforgettable three hours of pure fun. Guzior echoes these sentiments as well, “It was a great time for everyone filled with laughs and dancing.” After a night like this, the only thing left to say is, when is the next karaoke night?