How to Keep Yourself Healthy

Jasy Jones

A college campus is full of germs and nasty things. I mean, there are people who are hacking up half their lungs every three seconds. Roommates could, even, be sniffling and sneezing in the bed next to you. Staying healthy isn’t easy, but it is an important task when living on campus. Some easy ways that help me stay sickness free are listed below:

  • Vitamin C! There are these gummies that I eat like popcorn. They are green tea chewables with added vitamin C.  Delicious!
  • Drink a boat load of water!
  • Try to stay out of the cold! The cold can cause your immune system to slow down and that would allow viruses to invade. So, don’t forget to bring a scarf or jacket with you when you leave the dorm!
  • Stay positive! If you think that you are starting to feel sickness seep in, do not start acting all coughy and gloomy. Avoid saying things like, “I’m sick”, “I don’t feel well”, “My stomach (or any other body part) hurts”, etc. etc. etc. . .
  • Don’t skip meals!!! Food is very important, especially fruits and veggies! Make sure you are getting a healthy amount of each in your diet.
  • Active! That doesn’t mean you have to go out on a run every morning. Little amounts of exercise can help you stay healthy. You could go to the Rice center and sit on a stationary bike for thirty to sixty minutes. Bring a friend, homework, or your music/videos in order to make it less boring.
  • Sleep! Sleep! Sleep! It is incredibly hard to get a full night of sleep, but trying to get at least 7-9 hours can really help staying healthy.
  • Wear flip-flops in the shower! Even if you and your roommates are the healthiest people you can imagine, there were still people who lived in that dorm before you. Wear flip-flops! You don’t know what is lingering in those things.
  • Wash your hands. . .That is all.
  • Take a break. Stress can make it easier to be attacked by all forms of illnesses. Take a break, color a picture, take a nap, or talk with your friends. The possibilities are endless!
  • Be assertive! Be-Be Assertive! If you don’t want the food or drink then don’t take it. Stand up for yourself!