Best Hannah Montana Songs

Say what….It’s Been 10 Years since the Show Premiere

Tatanisha Wooley


Yes, I feel so old; I cant believe that it has been 10 years since the show that paved for the way for future musicals such as High School Musical and The Cheetah Girls started. One cannot deny the pop culture impact Hannah Montana has had on the world. The show shot both the fictional character that was Hannah Montana and the star herself Miley Cyrus into bona fide superstars. While the show was phenomenon in its own right with the catchy catch phases it was the songs that will forever live on. The list will only contain songs sung by Hannah Montana herself. Songs such as The Climb” or “Hoedown Throwdownwill not be added as they are songs sung by Miley Stewart or Cyrus herself.

     “Ordinary Girl”- Throughout the series Hannah sang about how living the double life was taking toll on her life.  The song showed how Hannah was evolving into a different person and that she will be leaving life behind as Hannah. The last season set the stage for the end of Hannah and Miley becoming her own person.

    “Supergirl”-In this song Hannah sings about how she is super cool…and how she lives as a rock star. Hannah sings about the fame that comes with being Hannah and the life that she lives. It was a great song she wasn’t singing about how stressful the double life was. Instead she sung about how she was able to be both Hannah and Miley.

    “Ice Cream Freeze (Let’s Chill)”- Ice Cream Freeze was one of Hannah’s first songs that had its own dance to it. The song takes line dancing to another level and made it fun and easy to learn.

    “It’s All Right Here”-As Hannah grew and evolve into a better artist her music mature too. “It’s All Right Here” was one of the rare songs that had a fun and danceable beat. The song took you back to her earlier days of music.

     “Who Said”- First season classic Hannah Montana. This was a song about everything that Hannah can be such as president or worldwide. This was defiantly a girl power anthem. Hannah showed girls that they can be anything they wanted to be and no one could stop them.

     “Let’s Get Crazy”- The song had dance element to it and it set the standard for the overproduce music Hannah would be known for in the later seasons. It was still a great teen-bop song.

     “He Could Be the One”-Hannah was involve in love triangle with Jake and Jesse. The song helps her listen to her heart as too which boy was right for her.

    “One in Million”- Hannah’s sings about trying to find the perfect guy for her. It is one of her best romantic songs. The song had a slow beat unlike most her songs which fit the message of the songs perfectly.

    “Just a Girl”- Till this day, this is one of my favorite songs. This was one of Hannah’s slower and emotional ballads. The song is about the pressures fame can be on someone who wants to live a normal life. Hence, why she wanted to Hannah as her persona so she could have a normal life as Miley Stewart.

    “Nobody’s Perfect”-By far one of her best songs. Everything about this song is just perfection and it remains one of Hannah’s best songs. When people think of her songs this one will be for sure mention. C’mon everyone does make mistakes and you cannot be perfect. Also, she is not singing about the double life as her earlier songs are known for. The song is extremely catchy and memorable.

    “Best of Both Worlds”-There is no Hannah Montana song quite like this song.  The song was the opening to the show. If there is one song everyone should know it would be this one. The fun up tempo beat was a hit. Hannah’s sings about her life as both Hannah and how the next day she got to be Miley. She had the best of both worlds. She never had to worry about fans connecting Miley as Hannah was completely different from her.