The Importance of Making an Impact

by Rachel Scianna

Wouldn’t it be a great feeling to know that you made a positive impact on Benedictine’s campus? That something you helped to change on campus will help those who attend Benedictine long after you graduate? For some, this might seem like too difficult of an effort to even try. However, it’s much easier than you think. Here are some things you can do around campus that will have a long-lasting effect.
Start a club!
Are you passionate about a hobby or topic and want to share it with your community? Benedictine is famous for having ambitious students who want to start clubs in order to change the world around them. With some paperwork and a few presentations, you can start something that will benefit the Benedictine community for years to come. Recently, two of my teammates are in the process of starting a Theatre Club and a Feminist Club. Both of which would bring something new and exciting to our campus.
Start a petition!
Don’t like the way something is done at Benedictine? It doesn’t have to stay that way! A petition with enough signatures cannot be ignored. Maybe you are like my friend who wants to start a petition to make Benedictine a smoke-free campus or a petition to make more parking spots for commuters. You can help change your community with just a signature.
Do research!
Ask your professor about working with them on a current research study. The findings from these studies can end up on the walls of campus and contribute to our schools outstanding representation for research. You can also share it with the community and, who knows, maybe save a life.
Talk positively about our campus.
This is the easiest thing you can do to help our campus. The more you talk positively about out campus to individuals you come across outside of school, the more people take us seriously. With this positive word out there, we will attract better students and better donors to give even better resources to our school.
Give your recommendations to Student Senate
Don’t disregard them when they ask for suggestions. They have the power to help change the things you want altered on campus.
Talk to Food Services
Don’t like some of the food options at Krasa or Coal Ben? Want healthier options or more variety in what you eat? Talk to Food Services on 2nd floor Krasa and give them suggestions so that future students won’t have to suffer with bad food.
The great thing about our small campus is that making a difference is easy. In our close community, you can make changes that have a long lasting effect.