My Favorite Glee Songs

by Tananisha Wooley

When the TV musical Glee first came on it was a huge hit. People love the singing hit show. Throughout the years of the show Glee has performed over 700 songs. The stars of the show have performed songs that have cover every decade as well as different genres. Their songs have made the billboard charts and they have sold over 11 million albums worldwide. Now that Glee has been over for many years, let’s take a look back at some of their best songs.

1. New Directions, “Seasons of Love”-Till this day this song has made me cry every time I hear the song. This was the song that the group sung opening the show for the Finn Hudson/Cory Monteith tribute. This Broadway song was originally performed on Rent and when the Directioners performed it showed the emotional side of the song.
2. Brittany S. Pierce, “I’m a Slave for You”-Glee had the best idea to allow the group to sing Brittany Spears songs. The stars and the planets had aligned when this happened. Glee Brittany had the same moves as pop-star Brittany. Every song they performed was re-creation of the original videos.
3. Santana Lopez, “If I Die Young”-Santana has flawlessly performed every song she has sung. Santana begun the song with throwing out insults about Finn because she couldn’t handle her own emotions. She only ended up crying uncontrollable and couldn’t finished the song. Next, to Seasons of Love this was the best song Glee had during the Finn/Cory tribute.
4. New Directions, “True Colors”- Poor Tina Cohen-Chang has never got her chance to shine on the show. When she did get the chance to sing she performed very well. Her voice wasn’t the strongest compared to Rachel’s, Santana’s, and Mercedes’s but the show did use her voice from time to time.
5. New Directions Girls, “Halo/Walking on Sunshine”-Mash-ups were Glee’s best hits on the show. This song was in the episode where it was girls vs boys. The girls had some of the best voices on the show compared to the boys.
6. New Directions, “Thriller/Heads Will Roll”- Thriller is one of Michael Jackson’s best songs and of course Glee had to cover it. Adding Yeah Yeah Yeahs songs was just added perfection. I love the mix of Santana and Artie’s voice. The two of them should have sung more songs more together.
7. New Directions, “Somebody to Love”-Can we just applaud and give a standing ovation for the amazing note that Mercedes gave at the end of the song. Every time I hear the song I am just amaze at Mercedes voice and why Rachel was always the star even though Mercedes sung just as well.
8. New Directions Boys, “It’s my Life/Confessions”- This songs makes you appreciate the power of Finn’s voice. I love the mashup and it’s one of the first Glee songs that I usually listen too.
9. Kurt Hummel and Rachel Berry, “Defying Gravity”- Although they did not start off as BFFs they begun their rivalry with this song. Poor Kurt had won the song but he tanked the song because he did not want to be win a girl’s song.
10. Mercedes Jones,” I will Always Love You”- Who better to sing the best Whitney Houston song than her idol Miss Jones? I was glad that this was song was given as a solo to her. f they would have given the song or have her performed it as a duet it would have ruin the power of the song and not given Mercedes the chance to shine that she deserve.