by Tananisha Wooley

About a month ago, I started to rewatch the TV series Smallville. Smallville was the series that told the story of Clark Kent and how he came to be the superhero we all know and love as Superman. The series was told from the beginning when Clark was 3 and he came to our planet after an asteroid hit. I am only halfway through the first season and I just love the show. I use to watch the show when it first started but after awhile I stop due to high school commitments and other activities. I started the show again after a couple of years and I quickly realize how far behind in the show I was since I miss many episodes.
The first season focused on Jonathan and Martha’s attempts to help Clark understand his alien origins, the development of his powers, his love for Lana Lang, and trying to keep his secret from his two best friends Chloe Sullivan and Peter Ross. Throughout the first season the main focus of the show are the humans who had been infected by the meteor and whom have wreck havoc on the town.
Clark becomes friends with Lex Luthor despite their age difference. Clark is a 14 and Lex is 21, some may find their friendship weird and odd but it works for the time being. The two become friends after Clark saves Lex from a car crash. Lex is suspicious of Clark throughout various parts of the first season. Lex has his own storylines he wants to gain independence from his father Lionel Luthor.
The first season Clark and his friends are all in high school and they deal with various school age problems like crushes, jealousy, homework, etc. I like how the show focuses on Clark at a young age because you get to see him grow into the person is destined to become. Other Superman themed shows/ movies we see Clark as an older adult Kent. Seeing Clark as a teen viewers get to grow with him and see him go from a confused teen boy to a Superhero. I can’t wait to finished this journey with Clark and his friends. I have another 9 seasons left and it may be a long journey but it will be a great journey.