Write a Letter

by: asy Jones

Not like the alphabet, but the ones that you can send in the mail. It’s obvious that we have lost them in the process of converting to email, social media and texting! Even though we can reach our friends and family in mere seconds by texting them, why not send a letter just for fun. It doesn’t have to be long, just talking to them about whatever your heart desires! You don’t have to send it through the mail. Slip it under their dorm door, leave it on the windshield of their car, or hand it to them in person.
When I know I’m going to be studying for a while in Kindlon, I bring my letter-writing materials because it’s a great way to relax your mind from all the information you’re trying to cram into it. Plus, my letters always consist of either drawings or funny poems and that is always a great way to take a break. In order for the letters to be fun I use crayons and colored pencils to make it all colorful! My signature picture is a tree because it is the only thing that I can draw and it actually looks like what it is supposed to.
Another reason why I love to write letters is because they can be informal. I have to write multiple research papers, news reports, reports on musical performances, book reports, and so much more. I’m graded on grammar, punctuation, style, and everything else! When I write letters, the only thing that matters is that my spelling is decent enough that the person reading it can understand what I am saying. If you wanted, you could make each sentence a different color. It doesn’t matter! You could make each word a different color or even each letter!
Writing letters can be a lot of fun! They become even better when someone writes you back! Reading them is exciting; opening them is just as awesome! I write letters to everyone in hope that this form of connecting with someone does not die out. Can you imagine a world where people don’t get excited about receiving a letter? I can’t and I hope I don’t have to. You have to think ten years from now…You’re looking through all your old things and you open up a box to find a stack of old letters. They last truly do last forever.