By: Michelle Reilly
Staff Writer
There are approximately 200,000 sexual assaults that occur each year. Women are being victimized every year regardless of who they are or how they look.
In an effort to help women everywhere, Benedictine University held a women’s self-defense class on Wednesday, March 2nd at Founders Clubhouse. The event was held from 6:30-9:30 p.m. and was run by campus ministry.
During the class, women were taught how to defend themselves in various situations. These included being in a chokehold, hair pulling from behind, and arm grabbing. These women were taught to fight back from these situations through palm and elbow strikes as well as knee kicks. “I didn’t know what to expect going in, but the people running it were very approachable and made the experience really fun and educational,” says junior Aliya Murray.
The One Light Self-Defense Team is an organization headed Jeanette Brook. The team runs three hour-long workshops that focus on simple techniques for women to release and run from attacks. They do not charge for training, but do ask that you make a free-will donation to the Women at Risk International (WAR, INT’L). WAR INT’L is known for aiding women in the fight against human trafficking, rehabilitating victims, and giving a voice to the silent cries of the oppressed.
The worst part about that statistic of rapes is that only 5% of the men who committed these attacks will serve any jail time per year. So women need to fight back and do whatever they can do to get away. Aside from fighting, there is actually one thing you can do to help yourself.
“Keep your head up and look confident. Don’t be on your phone and make sure you make eye contact,” says Brook.
If a woman makes eye contact, the man retracts because he feels threatened by their confidence. The men prey on the weak and vulnerable, so do whatever you can to look confident and strong.
For more information on One Light Self-Defense, you can call 708-220-2960. Or visit their Facebook page, and Twitter page, @Onelightsd.