Happy, a documentary

There are different forms of happiness all over the world

Jacqueline Gorr


If you’re looking for a new film to watch on Netflix, the 2011 Academy Award Documentary Happy is a new film to the binge watching site. The Director Roko Belic, travels to 14 different countries to explore people’s versions of happiness. What the documentary is trying to achieve is that being happy is one of the most important things that people want to have in their lives.
The film shows people in underprivileged countries acting the happiest in the world. People with nothing can be happy in the world and that puts the little things we get upset about to shame. Belic traveled to India and citizens are happy as long as they have something to eat and if they have their children. When Belic traveled to Louisiana, he met a man who lived in a little house, but received his happiness from nature and his neighbors.
Happy uncovers that money is not what makes people happy. What makes people happy is their daily flow which can contain being active or enjoying your job. 50 percent of your Genes determine your happiness and what makes you happy is Dopamine in your brain. When bad things happen to people, they become happier in the end because they realize what is important in life.
With us living in America, Happy shows countries that are underprivileged but, the citizens are content. The reasons why these people are happy differ from nature, food and family. It can be effective to know that even the little things make people happy and it can put your life into perspective and get you to think about what are the important things in your life are and what makes you happy? If money makes you happy watching Happy might change your mind.