Failure is Success

By Brandon Nguyen
Staff Writer

Setbacks are a normal part of life. No matter how hard society tries to escape from the displeasures of the world, there will always be a daunting challenge waiting for its contender.
Individuals often fear change because it is easier to fight it rather than to accept it. Fortunately, challenges should not be frightened off because with patience and perseverance, failures will become life lessons that unravel victories.
As humans, we must recognize our weaknesses without hiding behind them. We must learn to accept the faults and learn from them. How you get where you want to be is not going to be the same path as the person next to you. Nonetheless, for every mistake you make, it grants the opportunity to learn and improve from the situation. A life in which we fear failures and disappointments has no chance for greatness. That is the one and only mistake that should be avoided.
When we think of Albert Einstein, a common word that comes to mind is “genius” or we imagine a man who seemed repellent to failures. Many would believe that this man’s immeasurable aptitude was a recognizable gift early in childhood. Everything he read, touched, and looked at was a solvable phenomenon; people wanted to be him.
Some people were born gifted in different areas; others are born with the gift of just being different. Albert Einstein was one of those different people. The childhood of Albert Einstein did not consist of normal private schooling, but rather of ridicule from other classmates. He was made fun of for his hair, hygiene, and even his intellect from his teacher. He was unable to speak until age three and his performance in school was mediocre. His misbehavior was discouraging for he had always pulled juvenile acts to the point where he was given the nickname “pig-dog”. Of all ill-mannered acts, he was expelled from Rotterdam Academy as a teenager for releasing a skunk into a classroom. Eventually, Einstein’s hopes of becoming a comedian had come to an end, in which he had little to do, but to continue with his education.
Graduating from a high school in Switzerland in 1896, Einstein went on to apply to New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology. Failing several entrance exams, though excelling in math and physics he was able to be enrolled and be admitted to Swiss Polytechnic School in Zurich, Switzerland. It was not until then that Albert Einstein started growing into the theoretical physicists the world knows him of today.
Einstein’s glorious life achievements disguised his earlier failures in school. Einstein failed seven times before being able to confirm the famous equation of E = mc2. If Einstein had been afraid of failing again, or if he had given up on his first attempts, it would not have been possible for him to be awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1921. With keenness and patience, Einstein was able to adapt from his mistakes in order to make life-long achievements.
We can learn from Albert Einstein that in order to seek personal growth, we must learn to master the lesson of learning from failure. We can take advantage of our mistakes in order to persevere and come back stronger, and we can make something better of ourselves. That is, to become more tolerant, disciplined and most importantly more successful.
We stumble and fall at times in life, and doors of failure are slammed in our face. We fear trying again because we fear being disappointed and embarrassed once more. Failures and obstacles should be looked as lessons. Lessons that show our blemishes for a short period of time, but improve our well-being infinitely. Mistakes and failures are merely a matter of our perspective. We can see them and we too often commit them, but we must learn to embrace them in order to see their valuable insights. The failures that are shunned today are the opportunities that will be missed tomorrow.