Crime Prevention Alert

By: Marissa Perez
News editor
On Tuesday, February 23, Chief of Police, Michael Salatino, sent out an email to all main campus students, faculty and staff about the recent burglaries that have occurred on campus.
The email reports that on the early morning of Monday, February 22, the University Police investigated four vehicles which were burglarized in the Founders’ Woods and south Kindlon Hall parking lots.
“Always keep your vehicle doors locked, windows rolled up and remove any items of value,” said Salatino in his email.
In one of the reported cases, the vehicle window was broken to gain access.
There was another email sent out to residents by Assistant Director for Residence Education and Community Development, Monica Miller, on February 17. The email was a reminder of the importance of locking doors when students are away from their dorm/apartment.
“Please keep your valuables safe and locked in your room. If you are having [an] issue with your lock or keys, please report it to a member of Residence Life immediately,” concluded Miller in her email.
University Police have increased their patrols and are working with area police departments who may be investigating crimes similar to the ones on campus. Salatino urges students to report any suspicious individuals or events by calling (630) 829-6666.