The Candor

A Capella Group Performs At Benedictine

by: Jessica Buettner
Staff Writer


The Programming Board is in charge of putting together events for students to help alleviate the stress of their academics. They host events such as karaoke nights, chocolate fondue nights and other events that are popular on campus.
This past week the Programing Board hosted an a cappella concert for students by a group called Six Appeal.
“It’s been something Programming Board has been wanting to do for a while,” said Bernadette Pauls.
Pauls is a member of the Programming Board. She contributes by suggesting new ideas for events. “A Capella is a common interest of the group and Six Appeal is a very good group,” adds Pauls.
Six Appeal gave a performance that was beyond the expectations of attending students. They performed a variety of songs, from classics like “Billie Jean” and “I Want You Back” to modern hits like “Stitches” and “Wrecking Ball.”
There may be some people who may already know how a cappella music works after seeing the movie, “Pitch Perfect” and “Pitch Perfect 2”. A cappella is different from most music because all of the music that is heard from the performers is all coming from their mouths.
“Tuning is a lot easier to do because it’s our own voices,” comments Six Appeal member, Andrew (Berko) Berkowitz.
Berko is the vocal percussionist of the group; he creates dynamic drum sounds and special face using only his face. “It’s really when you get that blend of voices and it really rings as it creates a major difference from the regular music that a person may listen to.”
There has been a long history of how the group came to be what it is today and it took quite a while for them to get on their feet.
“It started in 2006, at Concordia College up in Morgan, MN,” said Berko. “Those members graduated and decided that they wanted to pursue Six Appeal into a full time endeavor to the twin cities. They found Reuben and Jordan, who have known each other since middle school. They found me through the friends of friends who are in the a cappella group. [They] made Nathan go through an audition process. In the fall of 2011, our group was finally complete when we found Trey on Craigslist.”
“It exceeded my expectations,” said Pauls. “Six Appeal is a very talented group and I’m glad they were able to perform. Those who were able to come and enjoy the performance were also happy that the event took place.”
For those who couldn’t come to the performance, there is no reason to them to fret. The members of Six Appeal hope to come back to Benedictine to put on a bigger and better show.
“We would absolutely love to come back,” comments Berko. “We love to perform various pop hits and rock tunes. We really try to think a bit of what most people listen to on their phones and their iPods.”
“The people who were at the performance will talk about Six Appeal to others and more people would then want to come and enjoy the music,” said Pauls.
Overall, Six Appeal put on a splendid performance for the audience members and it seems that there is a chance that they will be back sometime in the future.
Be on the lookout for other upcoming events hosted by the Programming Board through your student email account or on the event calendar on the university’s website