Ruining our childhood shows

By: Monet Gildon
Growing up I watched the classic Cartoon Network, Tom and Jerry, Power Puff Girls, and Teen Titans. Within the past few years Cartoon Network has remade some of the shows that I grew up on. The first reactions upon hearing that your childhood shows are being remade are either happiness or sadness. The disappointment with how these shows have been recreated is obvious once you actually watch the show. Shows now have less meaning and life lessons behind them then some of the shows that we watched growing up.
Teen Titans dealt with acceptance, family issues, and if you look hard enough depression. Then there was character development, episodes which served as stories with morals to it, and the true meaning of teamwork and friendship, along with overcoming diversity. Now there is no authentic character development; Raven trusting her team and the team saving her from herself, Beast Boy asking Raven to try tofu and his response with respecting her choices. The type of entertainment and quality of the shows has changed as we have gotten older. Life morals are not as prevalent and characters facing serious issues aren’t as important.
Shows use to have deeper meanings and taught life lessons while still being entertaining and funny. Now shows do not focus on the important things in life. They do not teach acceptance of others who are radically different than we are. It shows the change in society. We are being showed things that are funny, that have no meaning, and are, in essence, stupid. We block ourselves off from deeper meaning as long as it isn’t confusing.
In order to learn there will be times where we are confused, there will be times when we get angry, and there are times that we are aggravated. That is what happened when we are faced with something that challenges; there is no improvement without adversity. Kids are not being taught to think out of society’s conventional means and they are not being taught life lessons with shows that are telling them jokes about butts. Kids are smart and yet we are diminishing their intelligence with shows that have no real substance that they can teach their friends.