Sherine Mostafa

It’s a little rude, it’s a little crude, but there’s no shortage of laughs in Marvel’s Deadpool. Deadpool tells the story of Wade Wilson, an ex-Special Forces operative who undergoes a series of experiments that leave him with a distorted figure, but with extraordinary healing abilities. He adopts the name “Deadpool” and makes it his mission to track down Ajax, the man who conducted the experiments.

The film makes a point not to take itself too seriously. Starting as early as the opening credits, it constantly breaks the fourth wall. Deadpool, fully aware that he’s a comic book character, often breaks a scene and looks into the camera to talk to the audience.

As for the aforementioned “rude and crude”, well there’s no shortage of that either. Unlike most superhero movies, Deadpool has been given an R-rating, allowing for more leeway when it comes to language and violence. But then again, Deadpool isn’t really a superhero; he himself claiming that he doesn’t want to be labeled as one.

Ryan Reynolds does a great job portraying Deadpool’s foul-mouthed, vulgar humor. He lays down one witty quip after another, leaving you laughing hard enough that you completely miss the next line. The film is riddled with hilarious supporting characters, including my personal favorite, the cab driver who confesses the struggles of his love life to Deadpool.

For those who are not big fans of violence or crude humor, Deadpool might not be an ideal date night choice for you. But if you’re hoping and expecting to get that out of Deadpool, then I doubt you’ll be disappointed.