The 58th Annual Grammy Awards

by Jacqueline Gorr

The 58th Annual Grammy Awards were Monday at the Staples Center in Los Angeles and they were full of awards,
performances and surprises.

LL Cool J was the host of the
production for another year and was ready to take the stage along with multiple
artists whether they were performing or
presenting. There were multiple winners at the show that made event
history. Kendrick Lamar lead the group with 11
nominations, including song of the year and best rap album. Taylor Swift and The Weeknd have seven nominations. As for the winners, it was a mix of different artists. Mark Ronson feat. Bruno Mars won for Record of the Year for the song “Uptown Funk.” Taylor Swift won
Album of the Year for the second year in a row making her the only female to win it twice. Ed Sheeran won Song of the Year for “Thinking out Loud.”
Kendrick Lamar won five out of 11 Grammys including Best rap Album for his Album, To Pimp a Butterfly.
There was a list of artists that took the Grammy stage that made performances that will never be forgotten.
During the show, there were tribute performances made for iconic musicians. David Bowie’s spirit was present when Lady Gaga performed a tribute to him. Gaga’s appearance
resembled David Bowie by having red-orange hair, sparkling makeup and a white suit. Gaga sang a medley of his hits
including Space Oddity and Let’s Dance. That wasn’t the only tribute, there was a performance that honored Lionel Riche and that included performers such as Demi Lovato, John
Legend, Meghan Trainor, Tyrese and Luke Bryan. The
interesting part of this performance is that all of the
performers came together to sing Lionel’s music even though they all specialize in different genres of music. Other
performers included Justin Bieber, Adele, Taylor Swift and The Weeknd.

What comes with the Grammys are surprises and you never know what could happen. There were a few surprises during the show. Rhianna was set to perform one of her new songs from her new album “ANTI”. She is at risk for hemorrhaging her vocals so her doctor put her on 48- hours of vocal rest. With that, she decided to cancel her performance last minute.
When Taylor Swift won Album of the year, she calls out Kayne West, who said in his new song that he made her famous. “There are going to be people along the way who will try to undercut your success or take credit for your
accomplishments or your fame,” said Taylor Swift.
The last award of the night was Record of the Year and the presenter was Beyoncé. She wasn’t listed as a presenter for the show so, it came to be a surprise. Beyoncé is a Grammy artist who has one 20 Grammys in the past 15 years.