Beyoncé’s Superbowl Controversy

by Tatanisha Wooley

The backlash continues to grow after Queen Beyoncé’s Superbowl 50 performance. I thought nothing could get worse after the backlash from Justin
Timberlake ripping off Janet Jackson’s top. I was so very wrong. People are now calling for a boycott of the pop star.
After the halftime show of where Beyoncé and her dancers were danced in Black Panther gear and towards the end of the show one dancer held a “Justice 4 Mario Woods” sign, the controversy continues to grow. On February 6th there is ananti-Beyoncé protest rally planned for in front of the NFL headquarters, a Beyoncé sign up Facebook, and a Twitter hashtag #boycottBeyonce, and people are addressing both sides of the issue.
Team Beyoncé is making their voices as loud as Team Anti-Beyoncé. Many people have expressed their dislike in the star addressing racial issues during the biggest sporting event in the year. There is a heightened racial tension between minorities, mostly African Americans and white policemen and Beyoncé being the huge star she is spotlighted the issue.
I didn’t think Beyoncé was being anti-police…To me her performance just spoke volumes about how young black men are being killed by cops and how it should stop. You have to give it to Beyoncé she can handled the controversy as graceful as the Queen B can be.
So far Beyoncé has kept quiet about the issue. The star was once accused of being, “too white” and now that she has promoted a video and song that is very ProBlack people are freaking out. Beyoncé is the queen of contradictions, she fights for black rights after many years of being called, “too white” and claims to be a feminist when the way she dresses would make any natural feminist closed her eyes in shame. What people do not remember or know is that she and Jay-Z paid for dozens of jailed black rioters to post bail after the riots in Baltimore last year and they donated more than
$1 million to the protest movement.
This is seen as good in many people’s eyes but others have the other reaction. Many people see it as Beyoncé playing both sides of the coin and that she does not want to be label as African American due to wanting to be a crossover star with both the white and black audiences. When celebrities get involved into social issues it tends to backfire upon them and Beyoncé is no exception.
Yes, I think that it is wonderful that Beyoncé perform about the relevant issues that are present within our society and
I don’t think people should be boycotting her the way they are. Team Beyhive will continue to grow and if Beyoncé loses fans along the way because of her new album they were not her true fans in the first place. So I say Beyoncé you go ahead continue being the amazing superstar that you are and I will keep rooting for you. No matter what you do people will have a negative comment to say about it. That is how it is in this day and age where people can hide behind computer screens and type harsh mean comments about someone.