A Call to Service

by Jasy Jones

Community service, whether big or small, is an act that can change someone’s life for the better. The amount of people that are in need are endless and we can do something to help them. We could buy dinner for a friend we know is struggling financially, give a blanket to a cold family on the street, donate our clothes to a neighbor that needs them, or volunteer at soup kitchens.
Service is not just Feed My Starving Children and cleaning up our campus. Service is any act of kindness that helps a person. We could compliment a stranger or smile at the car next to us at a stoplight. People, whether they’re rich or poor, need our help. They could be struggling with everything else in their life, but financially, and need someone to be there for them; to just smile at them. The lives we could change with just one small act of kindness is never ending.
Community service is something that can change your life as well. It’s not just about the people you’re serving and trying to help them. They can help you too. When you go to soup kitchens or homes for the homeless, you walk out changed because they have opened your eyes. They talk to you, tell you stories, and give you amazing advice. And if you listen to what they have to say then you could apply that to your own life.
These people are smart and know where they went wrong and life. They don’t want you to follow their same path. Service is a beautiful thing that creates beautiful connections and each one of the Benedictine students should throw -themselves into it so that they can grow as an individual. Each one of the
Benedictine students should participate in community service in order to give back to their community and help someone in need.