Women’s Basketball Defeated by Wisconsin Lutheran

Women’s basketball were defeated last Saturday afternoon by Wisconsin Lutheran College with the score of 61-51. This has become their seventh loss in the season.

“It was a great emotional game, we gave it all we had but minor things made us come up short”, said freshmen Kija Commax.

The opponent scored a three pointer to start off the first quarter which followed with Benedictine taking the lead after scoring six consecutive points. The first quarter ended in a tie of 8-8.

Wisconsin Lutheran took the lead by 3 points in advance but then Benedictine tied with them at 11-11 around the half of the second quarter. Then Benedictine advanced in the lead up to 20-13. The second quarter ended with Benedictine still in the lead with the score of 22-19.

The third quarter began with another tie between both teams. Wisconsin Lutheran took the lead until the half of the third quarter when Benedictine increased to 33-31. Points went back and forth for the rest of the quarter which ended with the advantage for Benedictine with 38-36.

Benedictine gained a short lead at the beginning of the fourth quarter then both teams once again tied. Benedictine fell behind through the rest of the last quarter.

“We did a great job executing on the defensive end and really controlled the backboards. Unfortunately sometimes shots don’t fall and today was one of those days. I’m extremely proud of our team and how we battled for 40 minutes!”, said head coach Charlie Avercamp.

The following conferences for women’s basketball will be held at the Dan and Ada Rice Center. One on Wednesday against Concordia University Chicago at 7 p.m. and another on Saturday against Edgewood College at 4:15 p.m.