“History” As told by One Direction

“History” As told by One Direction
Goodbye to the Best Selling Boy Band of the late 2000s
Tatanisha Wooley

This week, I finally got around to watching the video to One Direction’s song, “History.” Let me tell you it was their best video to date……I didn’t think anything could top their video to “Best Song Ever” but boy was I wrong. Their latest album, Made in the A.M? proves that the four remaining boys are just as good without Zayn Malik. Although that last statement killed me to say because I am a huge Zayn fan but I disagreed with how he left the band under false pretenses. He definitely lied to fans but that is another article I am here to talk about the four remaining members.
The video started off with a clip of them in their younger innocent days on the X-Factor, which is where they got their start. They had such cute baby faces and it’s hard imagining them that young. The one thing I love about the video is how they included Zayn. Even though he devastated the world and the members by leaving he was still a member of the group during the first years and as much as I love the other boys none of them could hit his notes. Zayn has a perfect voice and he hits notes the other boys dream of.
When watching the before videos of them all I could think of was that I missed Harry’s hair. He has let it grow out so much I missed the flipped and curls. You could tell from the video how close the five boys are. They were always joking around and laughing. There are some shirtless pictures of the boys in the video! Liam, who is my favorite, was totally cute with his fedora and his little dancing.
ID know they cannot dance and they own up to that and so when they throw in some dance moves I’m like aren’t you boys so cute? Best part of the video is Louis’s part because they did a montage of all their past videos and it was the best thing a fan could hope for. Watching the video, you saw how much the group has grown as individually and musically.
On a sad note, this will be their last video and song for a while as the group announced they are taking a break. They deserved it after a great five years and five albums worth of music they need to embarked on solo projects. I am just hoping this break will not be permanent because no other boy band can fill the void in my heart left by their absence. Here’s to five great years with ID!