Another Triumph for Men’s Basketball

Another Triumph for Men’s Basketball

By: Elana Garay

Men’s basketball gained another win after defeating Wisconsin Lutheran College last Saturday afternoon with the score of 86-62. This is the 22 game they have won this season so far.

“Proud of our the whole program: players, coaches, managers, trainers for our accomplishments so far this season. Our 2nd NACC Championship in a row! Wisconsin Lutheran played a great game, our guys had to play at a high level to put them away in the second half”, said head coach Keith Bunkenburg.

Wisconsin Lutheran takes an early lead in the first half until tying at 7, then continued in the lead until Benedictine caught up again at 16 points and surpassed their opponent.

Both teams tied again at 23 and 30 points. Benedictine ended in the lead with a two pointer by junior Michael Blaszczyk. The end score of the first half was 38-36.

“We rebounded and defended in the 2nd half, where I felt we did not do a great job of that early. Mike Carter, one of our five seniors contributed to the win and am so proud of him and the time he has been with us. We dedicated that game to him and our team responded”, continues Keith Bunkenburg.

Wisconsin Lutheran again took an early lead but Benedictine again tied with them. Wisconsin Lutheran overpassed Benedictine. Benedictine trailed close behind and tied with their opponent at 50 points.

Benedictine jumped ahead of Wisconsin Lutheran by 13 points and Benedictine held the lead through the rest of the second half. The second half ended with two points made by sophomore Zach Gorney and a two pointer from Wisconsin Lutheran.

“They came out and gave us a battle. They’re a good team and we expect everyone to come out and play their best basketball against us. We stayed together and pulled out a good team victory”, said junior Adam Reynolds.

The next conferences for women’s basketball will be held at the Dan and Ada Rice Center. One on Tuesday against Concordia University Chicago at 7 p.m. and another on Saturday against Edgewood College at 2 p.m.